This website is no longer being maintained. If you have time on your hands, you can take a look at my work chronology and examples. My main occupation is now real estate in the Seattle area where my listing clients benefit from my decades of design and writing experience.

Many claim to be brand experts. Why should you trust me?

“When it comes to branding, Gerhard Ade is the ‘complete package.’ He is equally at home in brand strategy, creative and execution.”

Jeff Boettcher, Creative Director - Microsoft, Branding Group

Don’t trust anyone in the branding and/or corporate identity field unless you have checked out their track record. My track record consists of three very different experiences:

  1. As manager at corporations I was responsible for all aspects of corporate identity and product branding,
  2. As business owner and corporate identity and brand consultant I created and implemented identity systems for large and small companies, and
  3. As executive and creative director at large branding consulting firms I saw many expensive brand strategies being sold without any thought given to feasibility and execution.

I’ve been there and done that. (More client testimonials and curriculum vitae.) Today, I work with a few select companies that want an impartial adviser who will make certain that their investment in branding and corporate identity will contribute to better customer recognition, more sales and increased profitability. That’s why I call the services of my company Brand Insurance™. For details, such as specific services and related fees, contact Brand Insurance™ Services, call 425.891.8213.

Are your identity/branding issues: practical, tactical, or strategic?

Identity Basics: Definitions

What’s a Corporate Identity System?

“Branding in Six Lessons”

Brand Mania

Client Testimonials

Curriculum Vitae

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Confused about corporate identity? Afraid of paying too much for branding?

  1. Confused about what identity is? (Corporate Identity? Branding?? Image??)
  2. Don’t know how to prove the value of corporate identity and/or branding?
  3. Confused about the financial and legal aspects (licensing, trademark law)?
  4. Don’t know whom to turn to for help?
  5. Fearful of paying too much for corporate identity?
  6. Fearful of paying a lot of money for a brand strategy that is all theory?
  7. Afraid of not being able to execute the plan because you lack know-how and resources?
  8. Fearful that someone will foist their personal “taste” on you?

Is your company losing customers to the competition?
Are your employees wasting time being “creative?”

  1. Are you losing sales because your projected identity doesn’t invoke a “buy“ feeling in your target customers?
  2. Are you losing business because your employees are creating counter-productive perceptions through web sites, correspondence and how they answer the phone?
  3. Are you losing customer recognition because your messages (advertising, sales people, phone conversations, signs, actions and dealings) don’t match each other?
  4. Are you losing time because you are dealing with “branding experts” who don’t know and/or don’t care about how you implement what they have created?

If you've answered yes to any of the above find out why! Are your identity or branding issues practical, tactical, or strategic?