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Thriving in a corporate environment.

My first duty at McGraw-Edison was to implement a new identity program. Although the program raised the level of consistency among the company's communications, it was not an integral part of the company's business strategy.

Diverse Duties, Invaluable Experience
More rewarding than being "logo cop" was creating annual reports, employee communications, presentations for top executive meetings and assisting operating units with their marketing communications.

In these endeavours I was called upon to work with other professionals and executives, such as
  • internal and external auditors who taught me about financial disclosure and reporting requirements
  • benefits administrators who wanted a dry subject presented entertainingly,
  • operating managers whose cooperation and input was essential for corporate publications, and
  • top executives whom I advised on the content flow and design of their presentation to an industry association or financial analyst meetings.
After the communications department staff was reduced from nine to two, my work load as well as the variety of work grew even more. This allowed me to
  • improve my writing skills
  • interact on a regular basis with top management, and
  • gain a better understanding of all facets of corporate communications.
The McGraw-Edison experience taught me how to survive and thrive in a changing corporate environment. I also realized how working with professionals in other disciplines inspires and motivates me.

Mating giants out of business:

McGraw-Edison, headquartered in Chicago, Illinois, was a diversified manufacturer selling to the industrial,commercial and consumer markets. Studebaker-Worthington was equally diversified in the same markets. In 1979, when McGraw-Edison acquired Studebaker-Worthington, more than doubling the size of the company, Business Weekwrote: "The mating of two snoring giants may just end up with a lot of snoring. " The magazine hadn't gone far enough. Six years later, in 1985, the company was purchased by Cooper Industries.

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