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What's a Triad?

Basel: Swiss Design?
Munich: Lesson in Identity.
Montreal: Joie de Vivre
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Cleveland:From Blue to Red.
Cleveland: The Technology Revolution.
New York: The Master's Voice.
Seattle: Rains but Shines

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Greensboro - the second time around.

The first time around I visited Greensboro frequently to meet with Volvo, Ade & Associates' first client. The second instance was taking the position of Associate Creative Director at Bouvier Kelly, a regional advertising agency.

I provided the creative direction and wrote copy for
  • the positioning of Republic Mortgage Insurance Company, which included company and product advertising and marketing literature;
  • sales/marketing materials and an e-commerce Web site for Trion, a manufacturer of air cleaning equipment;
  • the community relations and educational Web site of International Paper;
  • print advertising for Miller Brewing Company, North Carolina, and the Precision Fabrics Group.

I also developed a new identity for the company itself, including a positioning statement, new logo, marketing and sales literature, and the company's very own and first Web site.

Working for Bouvier Kelly confirmed that
  • to solve a client's problem you have to talk to the client's customers;
  • treating writing and design as separate creative activities will produce mediocre results; and
  • ongoing, systematic education and training remains mandatory.

For those not familiar with Greensboro, NC:
the city is one of three belonging to the Triad. The two other member cities are High Point and Winston-Salem. The number three figures prominently in the state's vocabulary. People use the term "triangle" when referring to the relative geographic locations of Raleigh, Greensboro and Charlotte. Also, there's the "Research Triangle," which is North Carolina's high-tech zone near Raleigh and Durham.

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