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Montreal - the freedom to freelance.

A job offer from Gottschalk and Ash, a preeminent Canadian design firm, brought me to Montreal.

After being approached by organizers of the Montreal Olympics, I eventually struck out on my own to work as a freelancer. Having "been there and done that," landed me Olympic-size projects, especially those requiring an equal ability to write and design.

Other ventures included writing for the Süddeutsche Zeitung, one of Germany's largest national newspapers, about Montreal's preparations for the Games. As an accredited journalist I attended related press conferences, often walking in as the writer for a story and out again as a designer with yet another project.

In Montreal, I also took my first steps into the corporate domain, that being the communications department of Canadian National Railways (CN). The two most important projects for CN were the design of the logo and identity of the merged passenger services of CN and Canadian Pacific and the same task for the CN Tower in Toronto.

My Montreal experience enabled me to

  • perfect my English and learn some French ,
  • learn the means to serve clients, and
  • appreciate the way business is conducted in North America.
Why did I leave Montreal? Well, the Olympic train had left the station and I had met my wife of now 20 plus years, an American, who studied at McGill University. "Your country or mine?" was the question. Next stop: Chicago.

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