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The positioning experts
reposition themselves.

Few of the traditional identity firms have done a better job of continually reinventing themselves. Siegel & Gale' s own term for identity is "Voice." The "Voice," as defined by Alan Siegel, its master, goes beyond a company's appearance.

I met Alan, chairman of S&G, in 1982 when he recommended me for the job of implemetning the TRW global identity system. In October, 1996, I joined S&G and managed the operations of the still new, 35-people strong, interactive department.

Interactive - a different kind of business
Unlike the identity business which had become an almost pure consulting practice with project durations measured in months, the interactive business was hands-on with results expected in days and often, hours.

The clients of the interactive department included some famous names, many for whom S&G had done work in other areas. Among them were:

  • American Express,
  • Kodak,
  • The Weather Channel,
  • ScotiaBank, and
  • Coca-Cola.

Although my stay in New York was relatively brief, I contributed to the success of these projects and the quality of the department by

  • establishing clearly defined processes and procedures,
  • improving the work flow and managing capacity,
  • creating job descriptions and a formal skill assessment.

I enjoyed working with the young and independent-minded interactive team. Many of its members no longer work at S&G - constant turnover in this business is a given - but we keep in touch with each other using the tools of our trade.

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