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Gerhard N Ade

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What’s been said about him

“Gerhard Ade sees opportunities for brand building in virtually every situation where a company’s name is - or could be - visible. That is important today, when the term ‘branding’ has become a buzzword that encompasses identity, image, positioning and so on. Ade understands the differences and similarities. Moreover, he excels at listening to a customer’s needs and then helping the customer to stand out in the marketplace of ideas and beliefs.”

Michael Johnson, Vice President of Communications - The Timken Company

“When it comes to branding, Gerhard Ade is the ‘complete package.’ He is equally at home in brand strategy, creative and execution.”

Jeff Boettcher, Creative Director - Microsoft, Branding Group

“What makes Gerhard Ade stand out among branding experts is the breadth of his experience. He is a thinker who values the practical.”

Dave Studeman, President, Digital Branding - Landor Associates (Young & Rubicam)

“Few communications professionals have had a greater impact on a company’s identity than Gerhard Ade had at TRW. He sold the corporate brand with such conviction, we asked him to assist us in product branding.”

Delia Fernandez, former Director, Public Affairs - TRW Information Systems

“Having worked inside corporations and as a consultant gives Gerhard Ade a unique perspective on branding. Simplicity and functionality are the hallmarks of his work. As an example, I recently happened upon a display of a line of DIY automotive products that included the packaging that he had created. The design looks as good today as it did 19 years ago.”

John Monter, Chairman, President and CEO - Brand Services, Inc.